Flood Damage Restoration Tips For The Homeowner To Follow

Fire Restoration Tips

Of all the nightmare situations a homeowner might face, flooding is most definitely the worst possible scenario and while it is only water, it can destroy a property.

It is worth noting at this stage that you should take out insurance to cover fire and flood damage, especially if the property is in an area that suffers from flooding. Your home might not be in a flood risk area, yet a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom while you are away on holiday would certainly present a huge problem.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with a flood:

Know Your Water System

How long would it take you to turn off the water supply at home? If you don’t even know where the mains tap actually is, you do need to search this out and be familiar with the process, should you ever need to close the water supply in an emergency situation. Fortunately, there are specialised companies in the UK that provide Portsmouth flood damage restoration services. You can also find these companies in your location if you live elsewhere through a quick Google search. Such a contractor is very experienced at restoring flood-damaged properties and they would have the resources and know-how to handle any operation.

Raising Furniture Above The Water Level

Everything on the ground floor can be saved if it is lifted from the floor and placed on a stand or higher ground and this should be done as soon as possible without putting yourself at risk. Rescue what you can, after you have called a flood damage specialist contractor, leaving things outside if necessary.


Electricity and water definitely do not mix and if there’s water on the floor, switch off the power at the mains and do not enter any water if there’s a risk of electrical short-circuit. Many people have been electrocuted during a flood, so electricity is always a risk and not something you can afford to ignore.  

Sourcing A Flood-Damage Specialist

Just any old builder will not do when you are cleaning up after a flood and with a Google search, you can enlist the services of a flood damage specialist like https://www.leakdetectioncompany.co.uk/. Time is of the essence with water damage, so you can expect the team to set off quickly in their fully equipped mobile units and they can set about minimising the damage. Their first priority is to save furniture and other items that have so far been unaffected, while listing things that need to be done. Check to see if the contractor is a member of any federations or building association, as this is a sign of a company with best practices.

If you call in a professional flood damage specialist, you can be sure that the work will be carried out to the highest level of craftsmanship and they will restore your home to its former glory. Hopefully, the home insurance will cover the cost of the repair and you can look forward to the next exciting chapter of your life.