A Guide To Choosing The Right Scrap Metal Dealer

A Guide To Choosing The Right Scrap Metal Dealer

If you are a bit of a hoarder, you probably have quite a lot of old scrap metal on your property – devices and appliances that no longer work, old radiators and suchlike. Of course, it is simple enough to Google a local scrap metal yard and there are quite a few wherever you happen to live. As you would expect, each dealer would have their own price per kg for all scrap metals, while all should be registered as state-approved waste management companies.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal for your scrap metal, whatever that might be.

Start With A Google Search

The first step is to Google ‘scrap metal yards near me’, which would give you a list of websites. Then you can check the prices each one is offering (per kg) and whether they are prepared to collect the scrap. Most will send a driver who pays you cash once the scrap has been weighed and verified, yet there is another factor that should influence your choice of scrap metal dealer and that is what the dealer does with your scrap. If you live in Sydney, the Austick scrap metal yard might be your best bet; they are happy to collect and pay top rates, especially for all forms of copper.

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Do Some Research

Most scrap metal dealers use reputable recycling plants for most of the scrap they collect, which is the responsible way to go about things. You don’t want to sell your waste metal to someone who disposes of it in an irresponsible way and it doesn’t take long to find out more about a particular scrap yard. This is even more important if you are in the construction industry and have a lot of scrap metal coming in on a regular basis. Remember that more means better prices. See if the dealer is a member of associations or federations, as this is a good sign. The recycling industry is heavily regulated, which is good news for everyone.

It’s A Seller’s Market

Simply put, you have something the scrap yard wants and these businesses do have to compete with each other. Old copper wiring, scrap vehicles, aluminium door and window frames and old domestic appliances are all accepted. Some dealers require a certain amount in order to collect, while others have trucks out all day and one can easily drop by your place and pay you cash for your scrap. All vehicles would have two-way communication and there might be a truck in your vicinity, making it easy for the scrap metal pickup Wollongong area or in any other places around the world.

Prior to arranging a pick up, do read their website to find out what they do not accept and any conditions there might be. Check their current rates per kg and when you find the best price, make contact and arrange for a collection and whenever you accumulate more scrap metal, you know who to call.