A Little Bit Of Background On The Origins Of Recycling Metal

A Little Bit Of Background On The Origins Of Recycling Metal

If you were to visit any scrap metal yard throughout the country, it would be plain to see that these scrap metal merchants didn’t just arrive overnight and it is clear by the amount of scrap metal that they have stored in their yards that they have been around for a significant amount of time and it’s likely that the owner of the scrap yard’s parents were scrap dealers and their parents before them as well. Many of these scrap metal dealers can point to a time when their family started to engage in this business and they have a very proud heritage that they will tell you about if you have the time to listen.

The notion of scrap metal and making money from it goes back many hundreds of years and people wrongfully think that recycling is a very new concept and has only been around for a few years. Humans have always been consuming materials since the beginning of time and so it seems logical that there would be metals left over that were not being used and so someone came along and decided to buy it.

They dealt in all types of scrap metal and if you were to take the time to look around you would see lots of different things like scrap lead Sydney yard collects and other different types of metal like copper and steel. If you are just a little bit curious as to the origins and history of the scrap metal industry, then maybe the following can help to shine some light on the subject which can educate you further.

The 7 Wonders Of The World

It has been speculated that the seven wonders of the ancient world were built using scrap metal from old weaponry that was used throughout the many wars. One perfect example is the Colossus of Rhodes which was made up of hiring and bronze which helped to create the tallest statue that was in the ancient world at that time. The ironic thing is that this same recycled statue was recycled 1000 years later when it was pulled down and destroyed. It has also been suggested that the terrace of the hanging Gardens of Babylon were made from recycled lead. Even the pyramids come into the equation because it is suggested that the copper chisels that they used to build the payments were made from recycled metal. Even back then they understood the benefits of reducing waste for future generations.

The Roman Origins

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It is suggested that the Romans were some of the first people to start recycling metal when they started to use an old bronze coins to be later made into bronze statues. During there are many conquests throughout the world, the Romans would always melt down any metal that they had to make into weapons like swords and shields.

Hopefully this has helped to shed some light on the history and origins of scrap metal and the incredible amount of recycling that surrounded it.